Sweden joins the European coalitions for cultural diversity


Sweden has joined the European coalitions for cultural diversity movement which now counts 13 countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovaquia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom)

« We are very pleased to see our Swedish friends join our movement”, said Beat Santschi, the President of the Swiss coalition and vice-president for Europe of the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural diversity (IFCCD). “The voice of the European coalitions is already quite strong and well respected at the national and European levels but the addition of the first Scandinavian country makes it even stronger. »

The Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals (Konstnärliga och Litterära Yrkesutövares Samarbetsnämnd or KLYS) is a federation founded in 1959 to represent national Swedish organizations in the cultural area. It thrives to find a common platform for the contributions of its 16 members in the area of cultural policy and other legislative development of concern to artists and creators.

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