Adoption of the European regulation on ensuring the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market


The European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity welcome the adoption by the European Parliament and the Council of the regulation regarding cross-border portability of online content services.


They consider that the regulation provisions are succeeding at providing an adequate balance.


The regulation will offer access of works for Europeans temporary present in another Member State than the Member State where they habitually reside. The EU citizens will continue to use their online content services, notably their paid subscriptions.


Portability will also guarantee the safeguard of the rights territoriality, cornerstone of the financing of the European audiovisual and film economy.


The adoption of this regulation will plenty satisfy the demand for cross-border access of cultural works, namely audiovisual works for European citizens.


With this important reform, the European Coalitions observe that a big step forward has been done in order to strengthen cross-border access of works.


The Coalitions would like to underline for the members of the European Parliament, the members of the Council and the European Commission the necessity to preserve and strengthen the cultural and audiovisual creation ecosystem in the digital era and to guarantee a sustainable support to the creation and the creators. In particular, the reforms regarding copyright and the audiovisual media services should embody an ambitious policy and measures for the creation and the cultural diversity.

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