Conference at the European Parliament: “Cultural Diversity: How To Sustain It In The Digital Age?”


The European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity are organising a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, on Wednesday 24 January at 15:00, in Room JAN 6Q1:

“Cultural Diversity: How To Sustain It In The Digital Age?”

Introduction and keynote speech by Mariya GABRIEL, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Welcome address and conclusion of the debates by Viviane REDING, Former Vice-President of the European Commission and Member of the European Parliament

Panel 1: How can we best remunerate European creation in the era of the platforms?

Panel 2: How to make European creative works more visible in the EU?

Among the panelists: Giuseppe ABBAMONTE (DG CONNECT), Christine ELOY (Europa Distribution), Siada EL RAMLY (EDIMA), Nicola FRANK (EBU), Lucia RECALDE (Europe Creative MEDIA), Jean-Paul SALOME (Screenwriter, Director and Producer), Nicole SCHULZE (AEPO-ARTIS), Helen SMITH (IMPALA), Christophe TARDIEU (CNC) and Helga TRÜPEL MEP.

The conference will be followed by a cocktail.

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