The EU Member States and the European Parliament agreed yesterday on the next EU long-term budget (2021-2027). This budget is of a particular importance as it will help the Union to recover from the sanitary crisis.

As part of the EU Budget, the Member States and the European Parliament agreed to increase the budget of Creative Europe of €2,2 billion compared to the budget of the programme for 2014-2020 (€1,4 billion).  It should be remembered that this is the only EU instrument that fosters EU cultural diversity.

The European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity warmly welcome this result and thank the MEPs negotiators for the European Parliament and the MEPs of the Culture and Education Committee for their tireless commitment in convincing the Council of the necessity to increase Creative Europe’s budget.

In this time of crisis, support to cultural sectors is vital. Thanks to the Creative Europe programme, the European Union will be able to provide even more direct support to cultural projects across the EU and to audiovisual co-productions.


The cultural sectors have been particularly badly hit by the Covid crisis.  Theatres and cinemas have had to close their doors. Film/TV production has been frozen. Many small arts organisations have gone to the wall. Transfrontier cultural partnerships have been put on hold.  The whole future of our creative economy is in jeopardy.  It needs a real boost from Creative Europe and other EU instruments. We applaud Europe’s decision makers who have realized that extra funds are needed to ensure our creation and cultural diversity can thrive in the future ” said Carole Tongue, Chair of the European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity and Chair of the UK Coalition for Cultural Diversity.

Press contact: Laure Gicquel

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