Exclusion of the audiovisual from the EU/US negotiating mandate


The European Coalitions for cultural diversity welcome this success and urge the European Commission to respect the States’ decision 

The European Coalitions for cultural diversity congratulate EU Member States for their decision on  June 14th to exclude  audiovisual services from the negotiating mandate of the Free Trade Agreement between Europe and the United States.

The Coalitions would like to express their thanks to governments and Heads of States, to national parliaments and to the European Parliament  who have, with great determination,  endeavoured  to win this victory for cultural diversity and sovereignty. They are grateful to all personalities, creators and artists who have mobilized themselves all over the continent to say NO to a Europe which would no longer support its culture and would abandon its identity and values to pure commercial interests only.

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Credit photo © Gina Sanders – Fotolia.com

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