The cultural and artistic sectors, the source of so much joy, inspiration, and moral support during this long year of the pandemic, have suffered a crushing blow. 

The artists, authors, musicians, and other creators and creative workers have seen their jobs disappear with revenues maybe never to return.

Venues, touring, performances have been shut for a year now. Yet those very same authors, artists, performers, and other creators have selflessly danced, sang, and performed for our delight when we needed them most. 

What have we missed during lockdown? Our family, our friends and then our theatres, cinemas, music festivals, concerts and museums which all make our lives richer and more joyful.

The European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity add its voice to many others calling for the European Union and all its Member States to put the rebuilding of the artistic and cultural sectors and our creative industries at the heart of the recovery. 

The European Commission has announced on Wednesday that it will develop guidelines to better coordinate Member States’ measures to reopen the cultural venues.

The European Coalitions welcome this announcement. Member States should plan the reopening of cultural venues with the necessary protocols and based on scenarii that can sustain despite the circulation of the virus.  

They believe that the longer the performing venues, cinemas and museums are closed, the worse the livelihoods of creators, cultural workers and cultural entrepreneurs will become.

Furthermore, given the creative industries, arts and culture sectors depend on a vast majority of self-employed people existing on intermittent contracts and small enterprises, it would be important for the EU and Member States to introduce remuneration and financing systems that benefit everyone and particularly those in aprecarious situation.

Fundamental reflections are needed to ensure that cultural policies include new remuneration systems that effectively reduce the poverty and inequality which the creative community is suffering from. Those remuneration schemes need also to be sustainable in the future.

Financial support, new fair remuneration systems and the reopening of cultural venues are essential to ensure EU cultural diversity thrives and survives.

European citizens, our creators and creative workers deserve no less.

Press contact: Laure Gicquel

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